Streamlining Event Rental Payments: 360 Payments Partners with IntelliEvent


360 Payments is pleased to announce that IntelliEvent Event Rental Management Software has selected us as a preferred credit card processing partner. 360 Payments is a payments provider built on the values of honesty and openness. The payments industry suffers from a large transparency problem, and unscrupulous processors frequently prey on business owners. 360 Payments exists to transform the narrative around credit card processing through exemplary support and customer service, community impact, and the desire to make payments as simple and seamless as possible. Joining forces with IntelliEvent is part of our constant efforts to to provide more comprehensive solutions for business owners. You can learn more about our partnership here.

“We are excited to work with IntelliEvent to provide seamlessly integrated credit card processing services to their customers at an industry-leading rate.” ~ Steve Ciabattoni 

“360 Payments has made a name for themselves by following through on their commitment to be a true partner to business owners. Through their consultative approach, 360 Payments focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to improve the payment processing experience for their customers while offering an unprecedented level of support and follow-through,” says Don Romeka, IntelliEvent’s CEO. “We are partnering with IntelliEvent to keep our promise to always provide the best and most efficient credit card processing solutions to America’s business owners,” explains 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni.


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360 Payments is working with IntelliEvent to help event rental companies streamline their business operations and handle payments more quickly and more securely. “We are thrilled to work with the IntelliEvent team,” explains Steve Ciabattoni. “Our ideal partner is one who shares our core values and who can help us effectively support and reach business owners in the event rental industry. IntelliEvent is the natural choice on all fronts.” The relationship includes a promise from 360 to meet or beat a business’s current processing rates, up-to-the-minute EMV chip card reader technology, and a seamlessly integrated credit card processing experience that cuts down on errors and accelerates the checkout process. Event rental businesses across the United States will benefit from increased efficiency and savings. 360’s simple integrated API offers IntelliEvent users the chance to upgrade their customer payment experience while maintaining security and PCI compliance, all inside the IntelliEvent software platform. 360’s goal is to provide every event rental business in the IntelliEvent network with the support, education, and technology they need to exceed their goals.
“We are proud to welcome 360 Payments to our family,” says Don Romeka. “Through this partnership, 360 Payments and IntelliEvent are at the forefront of technological advancement and are ushering in a new era of credit card processing in the event rental industry. This relationship between 360 Payments and IntelliEvent makes sense for the event rental community on many levels.”


The 360 Payments and IntelliEvent partnership is the start of a new kind of credit card processing experience for event rental businesses. 


360 Payments integrations are available to IntelliEvent software users immediately. Learn more about our partnership here.
For more information on how to partner with 360 Payments, contact Steve Ciabattoni at or @360Payments on Twitter.

About 360 Payments:
360 Payments is a payment processing and gateway services company.  We make payments simple, secure, and seamless through integration with point of sale and stand-alone payment devices. 360 strives to take a consultative approach and educate our clients not just on how to save money but on how to reduce chargebacks and increase efficiency, whether in accounting and bookkeeping, payment processing, or technology implementation.
About IntelliEvent:
IntelliEvent is the best Business Management Software for the Event, Rental & Production Industries. No matter your size, our IntelliEvent products will accommodate your needs. IntelliEvent works with all of our customers/partners to drive development of the program in a way that reflects best business practices. We treat customers as our partners and collaborate with them whether big or small. As a result of this interaction, you can help us optimize the platform to meet your needs and benefit from the experience of peer companies who have helped us build and optimize Lightning. When we identify an enhancement to our rental management solution that benefits our entire client base we invest in that enhancement.



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