25 12, 2019

Steve Ciabattoni Featured on Remarkable Results Radio

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Our Co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni was featured this week on Carm Capriotto’s Remarkable Results Radio podcast. This was Steve’s third appearance on the show, and this time he had the opportunity to talk about our innovative Text-to-Pay feature for the automotive aftermarket.

13 02, 2019

Streamlining Event Rental Payments: 360 Payments Partners with IntelliEvent

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360 Payments is proud to announce that IntelliEvent Event Rental Management Software has selected 360 Payments to be a preferred credit card processor. 360 Payments is a payments processor founded on the beliefs and core values of honesty and integrity. Partnering with IntelliEvent is the next step in this vision.

18 09, 2018

Expanding the Vision: 360 Payments Opens Second Office

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360 Payments is excited to announce that we have expanded to Oklahoma! In August 2018 we opened the doors to our second office in Tulsa and welcomed three new members to our team. Opening a second, midwestern location is the next step in our vision.

12 06, 2018

Why Being Honest to a Fault is Always the Best Policy

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The George Washington cherry tree story is one where the protagonist made a mistake and had to own up to it. Although we know we are certainly willing to own up to our mistakes, the important thing to remember is that mistakes have been made within the payments industry as a whole. Our honesty may not represent the entire industry, but it goes a long way towards cleaning up a long-existing stigma. By being honest to a fault, we earn the right to represent 360 Payments.

5 06, 2018

This is Scrappy, 360 Style

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There is no college degree in credit card processing. We all started at the bottom in our company and got scrappy to learn everything about our industry with no manual. We made choices others were not willing to make and sacrificed the “normal” life for ourselves to be able to provide it for our future team members. We built everything out of nothing by digging deep.

29 05, 2018

Love at Work? Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

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Here at 360 Payments, we’ve put a fair bit of effort into defining what our values are so that we have something of a yardstick with which to measure our own actions. Among those values we’ve identified as most important to us is love. But does love belong in the workplace, and what does it even mean in this context? We believe that love absolutely does belong in the workplace, and below we hope to explore why we feel this way and what we think love means to the 360 Payments family.

22 05, 2018

Progressive Startup Culture: It’s Not What You Think

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Lots of organizations like to claim they are progressive. It’s one of those startup traits that’s so popular in Silicon Valley these days. But how many businesses really get it right? 360 Payments is a progressive company, without a doubt. How can I be so sure of that? Well, because they hired me.

23 01, 2018

Customer Service That Actually Cares: Why 360 Payments is Different

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At 360 Payments, we love to talk about our great customer service. We think it’s one of the many things that sets us apart from our competition, and our customers agree. But it’s easy to brag – what does that really mean for you, a business owner? Here’s what you can expect from us.

9 01, 2018

Your Guide to the New 2018 Tax Brackets

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The tax code underwent some major changes recently. The flurry of House and Senate activity at the end of 2017 produced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While the big topic of conversation among business owners was the hefty corporate tax cut, there have been changes for individuals as well.