Becoming a Superboss: 4 Leadership Traits to Cultivate Today

We’ve all had that one boss – you know the one. Whether they blew up when you made a mistake, turned the most routine tasks into long, drawn-out affairs, or dismissed your concerns, they’re the one we all remember as the kind of leader we don’t want to be. If you’re in a leadership role at your startup, here are four ways to be the other kind – a superboss, if you will.

Predictability is Anything but Boring

Your employees like predictability. Period. Even the craziest, coolest startup culture with its hammocks instead of cubicles and a smoothie machine in the kitchen, won’t thrive without it. If the management team is not clear and consistent in its direction and feedback, employees simply cannot flourish. No amount of flexible work policies can overcome the anxiety employees feel when they make a mistake when working for an unpredictable boss. Will my manager freak out or be totally cool – it’s a tossup! Don’t be that guy or girl. Set policies and guidelines and enforce them uniformly. Don’t lash out in frustration when errors are made. And communicate clearly so there’s no question what you expected or what the consequences would be if you didn’t get it.

It’s Not All About You

Don’t hog the spotlight at your startup. You may be the boss, but your reputation and success are highly dependent on the hard work and talent of the team working with and under you. Nothing saps the energy of motivated employees faster than taking credit for their ideas or failing to recognize when they’ve gone above and beyond. Instead, give credit where credit is due and your employees will work even harder and achieve even bigger things.

Open Up When You Can

Bosses and management teams necessarily deal with some matters that they must keep from their employees, but don’t abuse the power your position affords you to do this. Be as transparent and open as possible when making decisions so employees can see their input and ideas become reality. By having an open-door policy both literally and figuratively, you’ll show your employees you trust them and value their opinions. As a result, they’ll share even more of their brilliance with you and with each other.

Your Team Cannot Read Minds

Don’t assume your team members intuitively “get” things exactly the way you do. Everyone thinks differently, and that’s of course why you hired all of them in the first place. If you have a vision, share it. If you have a motto, broadcast it. If you have a set of expectations and guidelines you want followed, don’t rest until you’re sure you’ve clearly and fully communicated it to everyone you want to understand it. Keep the lines of communication open so employees aren’t forced to guess at the end state of the project or infer how you want tasks completed. Transparent feedback helps everyone learn faster, work smarter, and turn out better products for your customers.

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