About Derek Distenfield

As a modern leader and award-winning national brand builder, Derek is known for bringing revolutionary new ideas to organizations and driving explosive growth. For nearly twenty years, he has blazed high impact careers in both corporate and non-profit organizations. Currently the growth strategist behind Bunker Labs, USA, Prior to this, he ignited immediate growth in a highly regulated industry as CEO of Nextgen Justice, a social enterprise start-up that served as an alternative to traditional legal venues. As founding visionary and chief evangelist, Derek developed a product that grew its consumer base 50%,17 of 18 months in business. Early in his career, he profoundly influenced the culture of We The People Legal Document Services franchise. Over the course of four years, his team achieved record-breaking, multi-million dollar sales and became ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 most successful Franchise list. Derek is passionate about breaking barriers, leading innovation, and inspiring people to believe they can achieve. He Has been a keynote speaker at the Military Defense and Veterans Opportunities Summit, One Spark Innovation Conference and International Conference on Business Incubation. Beyond public speaking, Derek is a mentor and start-up business advisor for GrowthX, Google Pioneer Accelerator and LifeFlip Media. In 2015 Derek was named one of 20 Veterans of Influence by the Jacksonville Business Journal.
14 11, 2017

Why Hiring Veterans is a No-Brainer

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As our nation celebrated Veterans Day last week, I took some time to reflect on the traits that veterans embody that make them tremendous assets to any team. Here are just a few of the reasons I believe taking a chance on a veteran isn’t really taking a chance at all.

7 06, 2017

Before You Take Out a Business Loan, Read This!

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The credit card processing industry is in desperate need of an overhaul. There’s a distinct lack of transparency, and credit card processors and banks alike often hide behind complex regulations and legalese to take advantage of customers. These attempts to hide the truth are frequently illegal and always inappropriate.

18 05, 2017

The Ultimate Startup Ethics Cheat Sheet

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It doesn’t take a news junky to realize that many of Silicon Valley’s top startups have serious challenges with ethics. Whether you’re talking about the latest “Uber firestorm” or the data concerning women and minorities holding down jobs, the landscape is not pretty. It has led some to describe the problem as potentially fatal.

4 05, 2017

Your Startup Needs Design Thinking Right Now

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Popularized by David Kelley who founded design firm IDEO that developed a human-centered approach to driving innovation to organizations, the design thinking method can be used for addressing problems as a team rather than one person making decisions in a bubble.

7 03, 2017

Why I Chose 360 Payments

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For too long the credit card payment processing industry has been a disaster. It’s been compared to a commodity with competitors undercutting each other and racing to zero. Sales reps typically employ an archaic turn and burn style, and customer service has historically been almost nonexistent. 360 Payments is different. Here’s why.