4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Already Changing the World

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a hot topic in tech right now. Companies from Silicon Valley to Dubai are eager to show how they’re incorporating AI into their products and services and how it’s giving them an edge over their competition. Most people, however, still think of artificial intelligence as some sort of far-future phenomenon that won’t really become mainstream in their lifetimes. These people (and maybe you as well) would be shocked to read about these four ways that artificial intelligence is already changing the world we live in.

“Can You Meet at 4?” “My Time or Your Time?”

Ah, scheduling meetings. It’s the least fun email chain you can imagine – two people (or more, if you’re really unlucky) going back and forth endlessly trying to find a time to get together. Throw in a couple time zone differences and you’ve got mass confusion. Fortunately, the folks at Calendly decided enough was enough. They harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to make finding meeting times simple and stress-free. Simply sync your Calendly account with your existing calendar, set parameters and rules to block off your availability, and let your meeting attendees choose the time that works best for them.

Block Out Distractions

Open office plans are great for collaboration and team building, but they’re not so hot for getting some quality work done in peace and quiet. Enter Brain.fm, a music app that’s designed to help you focus, meditate, or even sleep (don’t do that at the office, though). Rigorous cognitive research on the part of the Brain.fm team means that the ap modulates the rhythm and frequency of the music on its five free stations to promote optimal concentration and mental clarity.

Leave PowerPoint in the Dust

PowerPoint is so old-school. The best presentations these days are being created with Beautiful.ai, a free app filled with AI-powered slide templates. Even complicated slide design issues like comparison charts become simple and visually striking with Beautiful.ai’s interface. Plus the slides automatically adjust their design and layout as you add new content to ensure best practices in style and presentation structure are upheld. As a bonus, Beautiful.ai’s stock photo library really is beautiful – a major selling point for marketers tired of using the same images over and over again.

Anybody Out There?

If you send any emails at all as part of your job, you’ve probably wondered at least a few times if you’re just sending them out into the void. Salespeople in particular often send hundreds of emails without getting a reply, which can get demoralizing fast. Boomerang is a Gmail add-on designed to give you a little intelligence on this subject prior to hitting send. It analyzes features like the email’s subject line, length, and overall reading level and offers an estimate of the likelihood of a reply. Pro-level features go even further, analyzing the email’s politeness and overall positivity before you hit send.

AI Isn’t Coming – It’s Here

Artificial intelligence isn’t just some sort of tech geek phenomenon. It’s fast becoming a can’t-live-without-it part of everyday life. AI is changing the way we work, play, and more – we’re excited to see what comes next.
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