3 More Ways You’re Dooming Your Startup

In our last post, we shared 3 bad habits that are hurting your business. We got such a great response to that article that we decided to write another! Once you’ve updated your website, surveyed a few customers, and put some time into your customer service strategy, read on to kick three more bad habits that are holding your business back.


Putting Off Networking


If grabbing a stack of business cards and heading out to a networking event with a bunch of entrepreneurs you’ve never met makes you nervous, we’ve got some bad news. Done right, networking events can connect you to your greatest asset in business – other entrepreneurs. From teaming up for new partnerships to sharing lessons learned, your contacts will be invaluable. First, though, you have to make them. Hop on Meetup.com or talk to your local business networking groups to find events happening in your area.


Delaying Decision Making


Making big decisions about your business’s future can make your stomach churn, and you’ll be tempted to spend hours drawing up complicated pro and con lists and gaming out every possible outcome. Resist the urge. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, time is always of the essence in the business world. Spending too long thinking about a decision could cause you to miss out entirely! This doesn’t mean you should jump into decisions headlong or take unnecessary risks, just don’t dally.


Hanging on to Toxic Clients


You’ve worked hard to get your clients, and you’re well-acquainted with the adage that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one, but sometimes you have to cut the cord. If you’ve done everything you can to keep a complaining, demanding client happy to no avail, it’s time to let them go so you can focus your time and resources on other customers who will be better ambassadors for your business.


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