25 12, 2019

Steve Ciabattoni Featured on Remarkable Results Radio

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Our Co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni was featured this week on Carm Capriotto’s Remarkable Results Radio podcast. This was Steve’s third appearance on the show, and this time he had the opportunity to talk about our innovative Text-to-Pay feature for the automotive aftermarket.

18 12, 2019

Tech Tips for Businesses on a Budget

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When you run a small business, money pretty much directs everything you do. But, you still have to keep up with the 21st century. To do this, you must remain current with technology. Thankfully, there are many affordable ways to stay on track with the digital age.

11 12, 2019

Merchant Cash Advances Aren’t Perfect – Here’s Why

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When things get lean you may be tempted to look into other ways of bringing money into your business, including merchant cash advances. Think again – merchant cash advances may sound great, but they are more expensive in the long run.

4 12, 2019

America’s Aging Vehicle Population is Great News for the Automotive Aftermarket

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In 2019, the average vehicle age is 11.8 years – and this is fantastic news for the automotive aftermarket. Here are four reasons why more older cars on the road is cause for celebration.