28 11, 2018

Why Do Merchants Still Require Signatures for Credit Card Purchases?

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Earlier this year the four major credit card companies announced that they would no longer require customers to sign for their purchases, regardless of the dollar amount. The signature is a long way off from dead, however. We took a look at the top three reasons why merchants still require signatures for credit card purchases.

13 11, 2018

Top Five Ways to Get Rid of a Credit Card Processing Rep

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Our customers tell us it can be hard to get rid of a credit card processing rep, even when they tell them how happy they are with 360 Payments. We thought we’d help them (and everyone else) out and provide some ways to get reps out of your hair quickly.

7 11, 2018

Five Big Takeaways from the 2018 SEMA Show

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Last week our team participated in the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We’ve had a booth at the SEMA show for the past few years, and it’s definitely become one of our can’t-miss events. If you weren’t able to make it, here are the five big takeaways all automotive aftermarket businesses should know about.