30 01, 2018

Gift Card Fraud: Is Your Business at Risk?

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If you’re like many business owners, you love the idea of gift cards. They’re easy to sell, make great impulse buys, and you get to pocket the money upfront without having to part with any inventory. However, with the rising popularity of gift cards comes a spike in fraud concerns. Here’s how to safeguard yourself.

25 01, 2018

Will the Sharing Economy Be the End of Your Business?

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Everyone’s talking about the “sharing economy” these days. The sharing economy has caused renting to take off in a big way. But what if you’re a business owner who sells physical goods? Won’t the sharing economy spell disaster for your business model? Not so fast. Here’s how you can thrive.

23 01, 2018

Customer Service That Actually Cares: Why 360 Payments is Different

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At 360 Payments, we love to talk about our great customer service. We think it’s one of the many things that sets us apart from our competition, and our customers agree. But it’s easy to brag – what does that really mean for you, a business owner? Here’s what you can expect from us.

18 01, 2018

Coming Soon: No More Signatures on Credit Card Receipts

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What if we told you that signatures on credit card receipts don’t really matter? In fact, the major credit card companies in the United States have all started to phase them out! Let’s take a look at what prompted this decision and what it means for you.

16 01, 2018

Stop Sending Terrible Follow-Up Emails

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The follow-up stage is where so many promising deals go to die, particularly because of email. Email is great because it lets you follow up quickly and frequently, but it’s also extremely easy to ignore. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

11 01, 2018

Three Simple Ways to Crush Your Sales Goals This Year

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If you’re in a sales role in your company, no doubt you’ve got your targets for this month, quarter, and year all planned out. This isn’t an article about fancy hacks that’s going to change your life. It’s about the good old-fashioned things any salesperson can do to make this year their best one yet.

9 01, 2018

Your Guide to the New 2018 Tax Brackets

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The tax code underwent some major changes recently. The flurry of House and Senate activity at the end of 2017 produced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While the big topic of conversation among business owners was the hefty corporate tax cut, there have been changes for individuals as well.

4 01, 2018

MATCH List Misery: Here’s What Went Wrong

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Your credit card processing application was denied. When you contacted the potential processor to find out why, they told you it’s because your business is on the MATCH list. What does this mean? How did you get on the list, and how can you get off? We’ll answer those questions and more in this post.

2 01, 2018

The Top Ten 360 Payments Blog Posts of 2017

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As we get ready to launch into a new year, we took a look back at everything we’ve written in this blog over the past year – and we’ve written a lot! Our readers have commented, shared, complimented, and complained. Here are our top ten posts of 2017, according to our readers.