27 07, 2017

Helping Our Customers Thrive: 360 Payments Partners with Winworks Auto Shop Management Software

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360 Payments is proud to announce that Winworks Auto Shop Management Software has selected 360 Payments to be a preferred credit card processor. 360 Payments is a payment processor founded on the beliefs and core values of honesty and integrity. Partnering with Winworks is the next step in this vision.

25 07, 2017

LLC vs. Corporation: Which is Right for You?

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Congratulations! You’ve come up with the perfect startup idea, and you’re ready to launch your brand-new company. But should you form your entity as an LLC or a corporation? You’ll need to choose the right type of business entity to protect yourself and keep your taxes low.

18 07, 2017

Three Reasons to Choose a Middleware

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Sometimes, the various sides of the payment industry don’t play well together – for instance, your dream POS system that meets all your needs may only be supported by one or two processors, significantly limiting your choices for with whom you can partner. That’s where middleware comes in.

13 07, 2017

The Number One Secret to a High-Performing Team

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The concept of employee morale is the belief that employees deserve to be satisfied with their jobs. It’s is a combination of how employees feel about their job positions, whether they feel respected by their managers, and how happy they are throughout the day while they’re at work.

11 07, 2017

Ten Ways to Make Online Payments a Breeze

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Customers are abandoning their online shopping carts at an alarming rate – nearly 70% of the time, to be exact. The key to cutting down on cart abandonment on your site is making payment as easy as possible. Here are our top ten tips for streamlining the process.

6 07, 2017

5 Tips for Steering Clear of Phishing Scams

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It’s not your imagination – today’s cybercriminals are getting smarter. And even though everyone thinks they are tech-savvy enough to identify a phishing scam when they see one, that’s not always the case. In fact, Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that a whopping 30 percent of phishing emails are opened by the recipient.

5 07, 2017

You’re Hiring the Wrong Team – Five Steps to Fixing It

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Conventional hiring practices have always favored outgoing employees who excel at group work. These outdated ideals cut out brilliant candidates who would make exceptionally valuable employees. Think outside the box when you’re on the lookout for high-performing team members. That’s the only way to find the hidden talent that other employers so callously reject.